John Wynstra <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I applied this fix, it worked for the previous problem and I came to
> the next one.

The story of my life :-) 

> I am getting the impression this is very filthy code.

Couldn't possibly comment!

Not sure I can help directly with this one but ......

1. Is your ports tree up to date? And have you run  pkgdb -F lately just
   to make the database is in good shape?   I'm pretty sure  that's NOT the
   problem here  but never does any harm to check :-)

2. There are ways around building openoffice natively.  This was a major
   step for me as I  need the thing occasionally and my hardware is too
   antique to build it that way.  You can either

   A. Install a native FreeBSD binary package - take a look in
      I'm told this should run on a -7.0-release   system too. But no

   B. Install a *Linux* binary and run that through FreeBSD's
      compatibility set-up.  This is what I am currently doing and it
      works perfectly as far as I can tell.  Detailed instructions here

One other thought - it helps if you reply _beneath_ the person to whom
you are replying.  That way Question and Answer follow in logical order,
which helps if there are several layers of Q and A


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