Reko Turja wrote:
Whenever I click these, my browser wants to save a blank php-page, Apache reports this:

[notice] child pid 31685 exit signal Illegal instruction (4)

I've got signal 4's with PHP earlier, but I can't for now remember the exact cause. Usually my PHP problems have related to having module conflict in PHP, especially recode has been problematic. The solution has been commenting out extensions from /usr/local/etc/php/extensions.ini and then adding them back one by one until the problem returns - the last one added is the one causing the conflict. Of course you have to keep at least some extensions available in order to keep the website you're testing functional - databases etc.


That's actually a good pointer. I'll try tonight.

Other solution is trying to tweak the extension load order in extensions.ini after you have found the extension causing the crash.

Other possible thing is accidentally building PHP against the wrong Apache if I recall right - in your case building Apache2 or Apache1 version when you are running Apache22.

How would I do that? I installed Apache22 from ports and after that PHP. It never asked for any apache version.

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