> > but not the access via SSH/SCP. Is there any way to accomplish this?
> > the
> > solution needs to cover the following:
> > - files created on the fileserver itself (during SSH session) need
> > to
> > have the permissions
> > - files copied to the fileserver via SCP/SFTP need to have the
> > permissions
> > 
> > the old fileserver was linux-based and used some scripts that were
> > triggerd by cron/ dnotify, but the solution became unhandy with
> > growing
> > amount of files.
> The simplest solution is to properly set the umask for the user
> accounts you use to ssh or scp.

Yeah, that was my first idea to, but it does not work with SCP/ SSH. if
you create the files locally on the filer it works like a charme. but if
you copy files to the server (tested from a linux system) which have
permissions, that are less than 660/ 770 these permisisons are applied.

does anyone know another handy solution for this, beside scripts that
are triggerd by cron or file monitors???


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