At 10:53 PM 5/18/2008 +0200, Mister Olli wrote:
first you should consider the following questions:
- what kind of VPN do you wanna use? (SSL or IPSec based)

From what I remember of my security training years ago, IPSec was always better. So I'd likely go with that.

- what kind of authentication? (user or certificate based)

        Definitely user, unless you think certificate is better.

- what kind of traffic do you wanna protect?

Everything if possible. Basically I'm trying to create a protected Internet connection by using the VPN to allow me to connect to my vpn server at my home office over an insecure public connection. I would then use that vpn connection to securely securely surf the web from anywhere in the US or the world.

- do you wanna transport data between two host, from host-to-network or

I'm not sure which would be best. Can you suggest one based on the previous answer? Thanks.

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