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Our company has a sendmail server 8.13.8 running on FBSD 6.2 with procmail. We currently have an alias set up for our all-staff email (we only have about 200 users). Someone recently sent out an email to the all-staff that someone didn't like, so now I have to restrict who can send to it.

or B) a list program like majordomo or something that I can keep people from using who isn't 'the boss'?

That is the option I recommend. Look at the mailman port. Mailman is a very nice (though not perfect) mailing list management system.

I see that there is also a port for majordomo if that is what you prefer. But I find that mailman is easier for my users to cope with.

What is the best way to have a list that only certain users are able to send to?
I am open to suggestions that will get me out of this situation.

You have already given the answer. Use a mailing list management system like majordomo. I recommend mailman.

By the way, mailman is what is used for managing the FreeBSD mailing lists. The announce list is set up so that only certain individuals can post to it.


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