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> I had an IBM ThinkPad T41 that I was using until recently. It was rock
> solid, ran FreeBSD perfectly, handled all abuse I threw at it (I dropped
> it a couple of times), and generally did everything I needed it to do.
> I switched jobs so I had to return that T41, so I'm thinking about
> buying a ThinkPad of my own.
> Since the T41 however, IBM has sold its ThinkPad line to Lenovo. I've
> only heard anecdotal stories about Lenovo, and its largely been about
> driver compatibility.
> Can anyone comment on whether or not Lenovo has maintained the IBM
> quality standards for the ThinkPad line, whether or not a Lenovo would
> make a good FreeBSD laptop, or suggest some alternatives?

I had an IBM Thinkpad until last November, when I replaced it with a
Lenovo T61.  It runs FreeBSD 7 pretty well.  The only problem I've had
so far is that FreeBSD is unable to put it to sleep, but my understanding
is that's not a Thinkpad-specific problem.

So far I've been very happy with all aspects of it.

Bill Moran
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