Joachim Rosenfeld wrote:
I had an IBM ThinkPad T41 that I was using until recently. It was rock
solid, ran FreeBSD perfectly, handled all abuse I threw at it (I dropped
it a couple of times), and generally did everything I needed it to do.

I switched jobs so I had to return that T41, so I'm thinking about
buying a ThinkPad of my own.

Since the T41 however, IBM has sold its ThinkPad line to Lenovo. I've
only heard anecdotal stories about Lenovo, and its largely been about
driver compatibility.

Can anyone comment on whether or not Lenovo has maintained the IBM
quality standards for the ThinkPad line, whether or not a Lenovo would
make a good FreeBSD laptop, or suggest some alternatives?


I am on my third Stinkpad and this one is a Lenovo R61i. I believe it is just as solid as my previous Stinkpads, I love it, wouldn't trade it. I have not installed FreeBSd on any of them, but my last ( a G40 ) and this R61i run Desktop BSD and PCBSD in vmware wonderfully.

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