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I'm using the following construction in a pkg-deinstall script for a port I

if ( ${BATCH} ); then

The idea is, if you type make BATCH=1 deinstall, the port will deinstall
without running an interactive portion of the pkg-deinstall script.  If you
type make deinstall, the pkg-deinstall script runs.

The script works, but, when you use BATCH=1, it generates an error message:

# make BATCH=1 deinstall clean
===>  Deinstalling for security/sguil-server
===>   Deinstalling sguil-server-0.7.0_1
Stopping sguild......
sguild not running?
1: not found

Why is this error printing to stdout and how can I suppress it?  Or is there
a flaw in the logic that, if fixed, would resolve this problem?

Never mind....forgot to use [ ] for test instead of ( ). My perl is getting in the way of my shell. :-(

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