On Sun, 2008-05-18 at 15:32 -0700, John Pettitt wrote:
> Slightly OT but since I'm going to run this on FreeBSD 7 I figured I'd 
> ask here ..
> I have an application where data arrives in what is effectively 
> continuous stream (actually NMEA messages from an AIS receiver) and I'd 
> like to have a server where an arbitrary number of clients can connect 
> to a tcp port and receive a copy of the stream.    I could probably 
> write this in perl without too much work but somebody has to have done 
> something similar already - does anybody know of code that does this? 
> (and yes I know sending the messages as individual udp packets would be 
> easier - I'm already doing that internally but it doesn't work for 
> opening up the data stream to the public).

nc -lk <port for original data> | tee /var/ais/data
nc -lk <port for copy data> </var/ais/data

see nc manpage for details.  I may have syntax wong.

This is my initial thought on how you can do this.

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