Hi there people

And thanks for taking the time to read the flow of incoming 
questions on this list ;-)

My question is a followup of the thread started by Michael 
Ritchie a couple weeks ago 

I'm kinda in the same situation : XP Pro, WMWare 3.2, several 
virtual machines running fine (linux,w2k), but the freebsd 5-
RELEASE is quite a pain to use in this env.

The guest OS keeps on slowing down, to the point that it's 
I'd say that after 30 minutes, it starts slowing down a lot. 
The installation process is quite risky in this matter. 

I launched a kernel compilation 15 hours ago. The system was 
already slow and ... the compilation is not over !!

I see no process named "idle" (see the previous thread), but, 
having launched a "top" in another terminal, here's what I 
see :

0% user, 0% nice, 8.3% system, 91.7% interrupt !!!

Now I can't do anything on this virtual machine. Not a ctrl-C, 
not even changing console.

Kris Kenna talked about a kernel option for fix this. The 
problem would be related to a specific opcode emulation done 
by VMWare.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I just can't use 5.0 
right now in this environnement.

Thanks everyone


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