However, how can I make the FreeBSD (7.0) startup scripts load both instances of BIND, each with it's own configuration?

I did something very similar.  Run one of the bind instances in a jail --
especially with a little firewall rdr rules and similar trickery to redirect
traffic into the appropriate instance (which gets you past the lack of IPv6
support in jail(8)). Works beautifully.

Thanks Matthew for the response.

In all honesty, I want to stay away from jails as much as possible.

Once testing is complete, I'll have numerous DNS servers to roll this out to, and I want the least amount of complexity as possible.

A few years ago I switched our entire infrastructure from BIND to DJBDNS (with VegaDNS as a web front-end), and now I'm looking to go back.

Again, I'd rather do this without jails if possible, and at the same time, be able to use the built in FBSD startup scripts if possible. If not, heres another question:

If I need to create my own custom script to do this sort of thing, where should it be loaded from? Some of my firewall rulesets rely on DNS to be up prior to them.


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