On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 01:51:03PM -0700, William O. Yates wrote:
> [sent the below message thru the freebsd-security list with no
> answers, hope for more from freebsd-questions]
> Recently started using vi macros.

Show us the macro.

> When attempting to use one which accessed the external shell, got
> the following message:
> "The ! command is not supported when the secure edit option is set."

What does:


show you?

External commands work for me. Sure your vi isn't aliased? When
doesn't it work? As root or ordinary user or both?

What's your secure level?:

$ sysctl -a | grep secure

What does:

$ whereis vi

give you?


$ uname -a

> When attempting to ":set nosecure" got:
> "set: the secure option may not be turned off."
> When attempting to "set nosecure" in my .exrc file, got:
> set nonumber .exrc, 44: set: the secure option may not be turned off
> .exrc, 44: Ex command failed: pending commands discarded
> Looking through all the man pages, vi references, tutorials, and the
> the oreilly vi "bible", can't find anything...
> Is "set secure" a compiled in setting?


> >From FreeBSD vi man page:
>        -S     Run  with  the secure edit option set, disallowing all
>        access to external programs.  and secure [off] Turns off all
>        access to external programs.
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