> Tom Evans wrote:
 > > I've redirected this to questions@, as this seems more like a 'User
 > > question/technical support' rather than 'General technical discussion'.
 > > Please try to keep the mailing lists on topic.
 > That list is too busy.  I find I don't have to unsubscribe to
 > "hackers," and it doesn't seem as hard core to misinterpret
 > what "hackers" are, than say "ports" or "acpi"

Well, "hackers" usually means developers, i.e. people
hacking on the FreeBSD code.  Therefore I'm afraid I
have to agree with Tom:  Your questions should better
go to the questions list.

 > I realized that "make delete-old" and "make delete-old-libs"
 > are both part of the "cannonical," I guess because I am going
 > RELENG_6_3 to RELENG_7

I always use "make delete-old", as instructed in the
/usr/src/UPDATING file, and it has never bitten me.
Please have a look at that file; the important part
starts at the section titled "To rebuild everything".

 > On that note, was I given misinformation when I was advised
 > that it would be impossible to upgrade RELENG_6_2 directly to
 > RELENG_7 ?

"Nothing is impossible!", as Dr. Farnsworth from the
Futurama series used to say.  :-)

But seriously ...  I think going from 6.2 to 7.0 should
work fine.  However, the official notion is that updates
across major versions have to be supported only for the
latest stable release.  Any other configurations might
work, but it's not guaranteed.  If it fails, you're not
expected to complain or ask for help, but instead try
the officially supported way (i.e. first update to the
latest stable on your existing branch, then update
across the major version boundary).  If that still fails,
you may complain and ask for help.

Note that it is IMPORTANT to rebuild *all* of your ports
when you update from 6.x to 7.x.  (This holds true for
any major version update.)  If you don't do this, you
will get library dependency collisions, i.e. port A uses
libc.so.7 and depends on port B, but port B still links
against the older libc.so.6.  Things will break sooner
or later.  That's why you should rebuild *all* ports
after updating to 7.x.  (You can keep older ports only
if you are absolutely sure that they are not part of any
dependencies, and never will be.)

In your previous mail you mentioned:
 > Things work, but dmesg has errors,

Would you please tell us what those errors are?  We might
be able to help you, but only if you tell us.

 > and many ports fail and their makes

Again:  Please post messages and everything relevant to
the problems.  There are really people on these lists
that are willing to help, but we need as much information
as possible in order to be able to help.

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