Does anybody know of a quick and (relatively) easy way of moving user 
accounts between two machines?

We have two mail servers, one if which hosts mail for the ISP's domain, and 
another for several domains belonging to their customers. The machine 
hosting for the customers is being taken down because it is old and pretty 
much redundant, the other server is much more powerful and will just handle 
it better.

I need to move (roughly 200) user accounts from the old server to the other 
machine. I can't just copy master.password and the data, the UIDs used on 
the old server may conflict and clash with UIDs on the other server.

Does anybody know of a way to do this without creating all the accounts 
manually and "cutting-and-pasting" the encrypted passwords between the 

Any sort of automation will help save some time, so all sugestions are 
welcome :)

Willie Viljoen
Freelance IT Consultant

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