Desmond Chapman wrote:
I'm still stuck on the command line for this one. How do I give the user 
permissions and allow an application such as k3b to access the device? Any and 
all links to howtos or your own method is welcome.
Thank you in advance.

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My own configuration notes. Your mileage may vary : )

#How to install and configure K3b on FreeBSD 7.0

#To install the pre-compiled package (usually satisfactory) use the code below

pkg_add -r k3b

# If the pre-compiled package is ill-suited for your system, you can try compiling from source using the code below.

cd /usr/ports/sysutils/k3b  && make install clean

# Next, we edit configuration files in order to establish the proper settings and permissions
# Edit /boot/loader.conf to add the following:


# Modify devfs.conf with the following lines:

own cdrom root:operator
perm cdrom 0666
link cd0 cdwriter
own cderiter root:operator
perm cdwriter 0666
own pass0 root:operator
perm pass0 0666
own xpt0 root:operator
perm xpt0 0666

# Edit /etc/rc.conf to add the following:


#I am told the commands below are necessary on occasion. My system seems to work fine without them, however.

chmod 4711 /usr/local/bin/cdrecord
chmod 4711 /usr/local/bin/cdrdao

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