Mark Ovens wrote:
Currently using a Radeon 8500LE but since u/g to xorg 7.3 I've had nothing but trouble with X hanging/crashing/locking-up.

From what I've read, the state of the radeon drivers leaves much to be desired and although some people seem to have trouble with nVidia cards they appear to be a better choice.

So, after over a decade of brand-loyalty to ATI (when I started with FreeBSD back in the mid-90's ATI cards were the only ones I could find that would run X at better than VGA resolution) I'm going to switch to nVidia.

The machine is FreeBSD-only so no issues with Windows drivers and performance etc. (I divorced the Evil Empire a couple of years ago) and my Radeon 8500 is adequate for my needs so I don't need a high-end card.

I'm looking on eBay and an FX5x00 card seems to fit the bill.

So, are there any particular cards that work well under Xorg/FreeBSD or, more importantly, any that don't?

Any advice about the need to consider 3D issues would be welcome? I run KDE and mainly use digikam/GIMP for digital photo editing and kmplayer for viewing videos. I believe there is a 3D interface for KDE (CompuViz?) - is this worth bothering with?

All help/advice gratefully received.



Don't know about CompuViz, but if you would like to try compiz fusion, I am a bit tempted to point you to this article (maybe because I am the author :)

This will answer your questions on installing nvidia drivers and also getting 3D effects and compiz-fusion to work. Note that there is no nvidia-supplied (read: proprietary) driver for the 64bit version of FreeBSD. The community 'nvidia' driver works fine, although no 3D and 2D performance is somewhat limited. I've used a number of cards with FreeBSD (7300GT, 7300Go (laptop), 6600GT, 6200) and never had problems.

The FX series should also work, but why not buying a newer card? You can get new entry-level nvidia cards for very little money.
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