On Sun, May 25, 2008 at 09:55:39PM -0400, Chuck Robey wrote:

> So, could you
> tell me, are your comments about the Nvidia card driver performance dealing 
> with
> the Nvidia-supplied driver and OpenGL libs they have, as expressed in the
> FreeBSD-ports supplied (from Nvidia code) Nvidia driver??  I have them 
> compiled
> under FreeBSD-current, because a friend recommended them as the best 
> available,
> is that wrong?  Is there better?  I am not aware of any pure-public driver for
> those cards, but I just am not very well up on their details, so I want to be
> sure of your meaning, making sure I have you right here..

I've got a nVidia card on a FreeBSD-7/amd64 system, and so the
only driver I can use is the xorg-nvidia driver. The driver from the
nVidia is not an option for me. If you have an i386 system, the
driver from nVidia is *MUCH* faster than the xorg driver. Queries to
nVidia about the possiblity of an amd64 compatibile driver led me
to the kernel-feature list that they would like to have before being
able to release a driver form amd64 hosts.

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