On Thu, Feb 13, 2003 at 11:31:23AM +0100, Antoine Jacoutot wrote:
> While looking for a way to improve my SBlive sound, I found a patch here:
> http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=a0ahlh%24itf%241%40FreeBSD.csie.NCTU.edu.tw
> It is supposed to improve rear speaker output and to add bass+treble mixer.
> Anyone tried it ? Do you know if it made it into FreeBSD ?

I just subscribed to freebsd-multimedia to ask about the emu10k1 driver/SBLive
cards.  Funny coincidence.. :)

I haven't tried that patch.  I'm currently running 4.7-RELEASE, and I can't
get any sound out of my rear speakers.  What are you running/what have you

I found some old posts by Cameron Grant, the fellow responsible for the emu10k1
driver.  In particular there was this one:


in which he says that rear speaker support is not yet supported (in 2000).  I
haven't seen (m)any recent posts from him.  Is he still working on the driver?
Also, in the pr database there's a report about treble/bass:


the gist of it is that most sblive cards use a codec that doesn't support tone
controls, and under Windows, tone controls are implemented using filters via
the dsp (ack! sounds like a roundabout way to do it..) and that "this will not
be supported under freebsd for some time" (that was written on 30 dec. 2001).

Also I remember reading another old email from Cameron Grant that the OSS/
Voxware API (which the pcm interface provides, I think) doesn't have a way to
control the rear speaker volume.  I wouldn't have thought that that would stop
anyone from adding some sort of an extension.  Of course, then you'd need
mixers to support it, but I don't see that as being a huge problem; a couple
of extra #ifdefs wouldn't hurt.  Plus maybe the current OSS interface has
support for rear speakers already.

I might be interested in spearheading improvements in the sblive/other sound
card drivers if Cameron Grant isn't around anymore.  However I only just
installed FreeBSD about a week ago so it'd take me a while to get up to scratch
with how everything is implemented.  Previously I was using Slackware Linux, so
I'm not a total newbie but I have no kernel hacking experience whatsoever.
Maybe we should move this discussion over to -multimedia?


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