My organisation has successfully used FreeBSD to set up a VPN between three sites.

Now, in order to facilitate a phone system using VOIP between two of those sites, I have
attempted to enable multi-cast routing between those sites.

I looked at the mrouted manual, and attempted to configure it properly insofar as I understood it. I also re-compiled the kernels of the firewalls to enable multicast routing.

I have not succeeded in getting the phone systems to see eachothers' multicast packets, and after several attempts, all I have done is to crash the firewalls, and annoy my staff members.

If someone has done this sort of thing before, I would be prepared to send my config files to them for review (/etc/rc.conf, /etc/ipsec.conf, /etc/mrouted.conf, /usr/ local/etc/racoon/racoon.conf and /etc/rc.firewall
are the files I think are of interest).

Both systems are running FreeBSD 6.3-stable as of friday of last week.

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