In the last episode (May 28), Rob said:
> VeeJay wrote:
> > Does FreeBSD supports TCP Offload Engine (TOE) from Broadcom in
> > Dell PE2950?
> from man bge:
>      X v1.0 compliant.  It supports IP, TCP and UDP checksum offload
>      for both receive and transmit, multiple RX and TX DMA rings for
>      QoS applications, rules-based receive filtering, and VLAN tag
>      stripping/insertion as well

( i.e. the bge driver does not support TCP data offload )

The embedded NIC in the 2950 is a BCM5708, however, which is handled by
the bce driver, and the if_bce.c source has references to TSO, so it
might be supported.  Best way to find out is to run "ifconfig -m" and
see whether TSO4 is listed in the capabilities line for your nic.  Then
again, a PE2950 should be able to saturate a gigabit NIC quite easily
even without any offloading.

        Dan Nelson
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