Don't bother, Gary.

  The world is moving towards CMS systems for hosting websites.

  The ultra-cheapo people use godaddy's site builder and
put crap on a crappy-looking interface.

  The better hosting companies each have their own site builders
and look better, and are populated by acres of garden-variety corporate
and the occassional personal sites.

  Very, very few people custom-write sites in HTML anymore.
Most people use sitebuilding software (frontpage was the original,
it's deprecated now in favor of other newer tools) either running
on their PC or on the server.

  black text on blue is terribly hard to read for most people,
read up on how the human eye works to understand why.

  Put your time into loading a CMS system on your server then
create your site in it.  Yes the learning curve is steep in
the beginning but it's not rote memorization of HTML tags.  It
is understanding how all the things work together.


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> Subject: Stumped:: web HTML. Caution, may be OT.
>       Several weeks ago a friend asked why my page 
>       was so hard to read.  She said that part of my text was black
>       on the deep-blue bg on my RHS.  I stopped and checked with
>       firefox; things looked fine.  I've done all markup by hand since
>       '94, very carefully, with only browsers in the ports tree--
>       mozilla, firefox, a couple others.
>       About a week ago I viewed my homepage with KDE Konq and almost
>       flipped out.  One "free" commercial historical calender event 
>       feature was glued to the bottom of my blue bar (<TABLE></TABLE>)
>       on the RHS of the page.   And yep, the new text and other things 
>       were centered in the middle of the long blue rectangle.
>       Since I have a few weeks now to work on things beside research,
>       it's time to update my main web page.   My friend was using IE;
>       it may be that Konqueror uses a similar parser to position
>       things on a .php or .html page.  
>       Other than beginning from Zero and trying to determine exactly
>       what causes firefox and konq to diverge, do any of you have any
>       other ideas?  I've never learned an HTML editors because of the
>       learning curve.  But:: if/when I come up with a better design for
>       my home page, I'm willing to try again:: any best (simple) HTML
>       editors in ports?
>       I'd be much obliged for any help here.
>       gary
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