On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 12:30 AM, Ted Mittelstaedt
> Don't bother, Gary.
>  The world is moving towards CMS systems for hosting websites.
>  The ultra-cheapo people use godaddy's site builder and
> put crap on a crappy-looking interface.
>  The better hosting companies each have their own site builders
> and look better, and are populated by acres of garden-variety corporate
> and the occassional personal sites.
>  Very, very few people custom-write sites in HTML anymore.
> Most people use sitebuilding software (frontpage was the original,
> it's deprecated now in favor of other newer tools) either running
> on their PC or on the server.
>  black text on blue is terribly hard to read for most people,
> read up on how the human eye works to understand why.
>  Put your time into loading a CMS system on your server then
> create your site in it.  Yes the learning curve is steep in
> the beginning but it's not rote memorization of HTML tags.  It
> is understanding how all the things work together.
> Ted
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>> Subject: Stumped:: web HTML. Caution, may be OT.
>>       Several weeks ago a friend asked why my www.thought.org page
>>       was so hard to read.  She said that part of my text was black
>>       on the deep-blue bg on my RHS.  I stopped and checked with
>>       firefox; things looked fine.  I've done all markup by hand since
>>       '94, very carefully, with only browsers in the ports tree--
>>       mozilla, firefox, a couple others.
>>       About a week ago I viewed my homepage with KDE Konq and almost
>>       flipped out.  One "free" commercial historical calender event
>>       feature was glued to the bottom of my blue bar (<TABLE></TABLE>)
>>       on the RHS of the page.   And yep, the new text and other things
>>       were centered in the middle of the long blue rectangle.
>>       Since I have a few weeks now to work on things beside research,
>>       it's time to update my main web page.   My friend was using IE;
>>       it may be that Konqueror uses a similar parser to position
>>       things on a .php or .html page.
>>       Other than beginning from Zero and trying to determine exactly
>>       what causes firefox and konq to diverge, do any of you have any
>>       other ideas?  I've never learned an HTML editors because of the
>>       learning curve.  But:: if/when I come up with a better design for
>>       my home page, I'm willing to try again:: any best (simple) HTML
>>       editors in ports?
>>       I'd be much obliged for any help here.
>>       gary
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Let be the first of many to say, please do not top post.
In a recent interview it was revealed that the New York Times does a
lot of by hand html writing because it just gets you better html.
Konq uses more or less the same rendering engine as Safari.

-- break down of modern webdesign

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personal relationships.
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