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> Other than beginning from Zero and trying to determine exactly what
> causes firefox and konq to diverge, do any of you have any other
> ideas?  I've never learned an HTML editors because of the learning
> curve.  But:: if/when I come up with a better design for my home
> page, I'm willing to try again:: any best (simple) HTML editors in
> ports?

My suggestion would be to just write HTML which conforms to a
standard.  For instance, the main page at your Web site
`' declares its DOCTYPE as W3C HTML 4.01 Transitional,
but validating it at against that standard
produces several errors.  If all those errors are fixed, your pages
will be rendered properly by all browsers that support these
standards, see, e.g.,

As for editors, I suggest Emacs with PSGML mode (editors/psgml).
Rather than depending on the validator at W3C, you can install
textproc/opensp, and use onsgmls(1) to validate your HTML documents
without traversing the Internet, with something like

  onsgmls -c ~/catalog -egsu foo.html


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