Mark Ovens wrote:
Hi Roland,

I had to rebuild the kernel without umass in it first, but here's the result.

Follow up:

I discovered that atausb wants to attach the disk as a floppy and I don't have a FD so the module isn;t compiled into my kernel.

kldload'd atapifd.ko and it now sees the disk as afd0 - but it crashes the kernel (in 6.3) just like umass did in 7.0, Fatal Trap 12.

Built atausb in 7.0 and same thing.

Guess I'll just have to accept that I've bought a pup - I've noticed that the USB2.0 Hi-Speed logo on the box is not the official one so I guess it just doesn't comply with the USB standards.

If anyone can tell me how to debug this to try to get to the cause so a fix can be found then I'm happy to spend the time doing so.


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