Bob McConnell wrote:
From: Mark Ovens

If anyone can tell me how to debug this to try to get to the cause so
fix can be found then I'm happy to spend the time doing so.

Unless you are already familiar with the drivers and the bus itself, or
want to learn more about it than anyone should ever need to know, it is
not likely to be a productive use of your time.

Hehe, yes, I kind of guessed the answer would be something like that.

Oh well, never mind. I bought it off FleaBay and it did say Windows/Mac but I figured something as basic as a ATA->USB bridge should be OS agnostic - to be fair it is, as it sees the disk and creates devices for it, it's just that the USB interface is not standards-compliant.

I fired up the Mandriva Linux Live CD and tried it. Linux found the disk, created devices for it - then did a USB reset and the devices disappeared.

Might have a word at work and see if they'll swap it with the one I borrowed that does work.

Thanks for your help guys.


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