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If you want to use some/many/most of the core utils on Windows, you'll
be much better off with http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net

unxutils seems pretty moribund, and I have not been successful
downloading the updates from that site for a while.

I'll have a look at these, thanks for the suggestion. I have to say though
the unxutils commands that I have used work perfectly well despite their
age, don't require cygwin and don't do silly registry things on windows. I
need this as I'm using them on a work computer which I am not allowed to
install software on :P


The unxutils work well, but the gnuwin32 stuff is a bit more current,
and more complete. They don't require any registry fiddling nor extra
DLLs, either, just like the unxutils stuff. I stick them in a
directory, and set my path up with that. Works well for me, anyway.



Cool! I will definitely check these out, thanks.

(Sorry list, OT)


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