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>       you probably didn't start with the earlier markup.  back then,
>       '93-4, there was <BR>,<P>, <B>, and <EM>.   i wrote a 2.2K-line 
>       program to handle "hi" -> ``hi'' and a couple other things.
>       the code has evolved, of course, but still works.

Not the case.  I use vi myself and I eschew background gifs and
such.  Web pages that I create are black text on a white back
ground interspersed with images when needed.  Period.  No CSS no frames, no
nothing.  If the content I put up isn't worth reading
then no amount of formatting, font specification, animated
images, and so forth is going to get people to look at it,
is my feeling.

Looking at your site, it's clear your not a true minimalist.
Thus, my recommendation to not even try.  Web page design has
got so complex that you basically have to do it full time to
made a page that looks professional.  If your going to create
pages, then a true minimalist page is just as functional and
just as good as an amateur attempt.  Meaning, both it and the
amateur page will look like crap, but people aren't there for
the looks they are there for the information, and they won't care.

Naturally, I am perfectly aware too many people assume that if
the page is unformatted that the content must be crap.  So, for
commercial sites that I am involved in that a lot of eyeballs
look at, I don't code those.  I have my wife code them - who IS
an HTML designer.  Watching her work I can see how much work
is involved in making a page look professional.  (she uses homesite,
which is a commercial html editor, it is not a wysiwyg like
dreamweaver)  I know that if I just do the usual job
that an amateur does, it's like a little kid riding a plastic
horse at the grocery store and pretending he's a cowboy.

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