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I dont know if its right to post my problem here..


How would you redirect an email account?
Lets put it in this way, we have an existing account namely [EMAIL PROTECTED]
when someone send and email to account1 only (no cc: or bcc: from sender) ,
account3 can also receive the message being sent
to account1? is it possible?

If you're using sendmail (the default mail server in FreeBSD), probably the easiest way is to edit /etc/mail/aliases and put the following line in the file:

account1:  \account1, account3

and then run the newaliases command.

While this will not send account3 two copies of e-mail that the sender sent to both account1 and account3, it will not check that account1 is the only recipient. If you need to strictly check that there are no cc: or bcc: recipients, I suspect you will have to install something more sophisticated, such as procmail from ports.

I'm using the Thunderbird.

Or, you could set up rules in Thunderbird to do the forwarding from there. Of course, this means that mail gets forwarded only when account1 checks for mail.

--Jon Radel

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