I cant compile 5.0-RELEASE on my new hardware (it is Celeron 
1800Mhz, ASUS P4B266, 256Mb DDR, 40Gb IBM Hdd).
The error:
onde /usr/src> make world
cc -fpic -DPIC -O -pipe -march=pentium4 
-I/usr/src/lib/libcrypt/../libutil -DLIBC_SCCS -Wall 
-I/usr/src/lib/libcrypt -DHAS_DES -DHAS_BLOWFISH 
-DMD5Init=__MD5Init -DMD5Final=__MD5Final 
-DMD5Update=__MD5Update -DMD5Pad=__MD5Pad 
-Dauth_getval=__auth_getval -Dproperty_find=__property_find 
-Dproperties_free=__properties_free  -c 
/usr/src/lib/libutil/auth.c -o auth.So
*** Signal 11

Stop in /usr/src/lib/libcrypt.
*** Error code 1
onde /usr/src>

Any suggestions?

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