Turner Litigation Services wrote:
How do you allow ssh to permit connections to a folder outside of the /home
folder of the user loggin in to ssh?  For example, i want to sync two
(using unison) on different machines and need to ssh to the remote folder ..

but the folder is a shared folder outside of my home folder
(i.e. /user/data/pub).

ssh [EMAIL PROTECTED] works to get me into the user folder and I can
to the folder I need to access (and have proper perms there)

But, I need to connect to the folder directly to use unison (file/directory
synchronization tool).

ssh [EMAIL PROTECTED] /usr/data/pub/ gives permission denied errors.
You are specifying a command to run once ssh connects, not the path to chdir to.

I've heard the directory path needs to be relative to the home path but the
following does not work either:

ssh [EMAIL PROTECTED] ../../../usr/data/pub/  (where the default
directory for ssh logins is /usr/home/[username]/.)

I've tried formatting variations of the above themes to no avail and suspect

there's a setting somewhere to allow what directories ssh connections can be

made to, or creating a link in [users] home directory to the public
directory.  Your help would be appreciated.

You could use something similar to:
ssh [EMAIL PROTECTED] 'cd /usr/data/pub; unison .........'

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