agmesctaykira wrote:
To All,

We are running a server using FreeBSD and have been
experiencing DSL connectivity issues from our customers.
Our pages are basically all HTML and some Java applets.
Customers are reporting issues such as;

"Recently I've noticed that your site operates very slowly.  When I am surfing
> at ****, the speed gradually decreases until it won't navigate at all anymore.
> sometimes **** even breaks my dsl connection somehow and I have to re-start my
> computer.  One one occasion it actually crashed my machine and caused it to re-boot.
> These issues are not occurring when visiting other websites.  Any ideas?"
Does anyone have any further thoughts on this issue?
There's really not much advice that anyone can give you without
considerably more information.

I don't know why you've obfuscated the URL in question, as that
URL would allow people to test the situation and (possible) give
you the exact reason for the problem.  If you have some legit
reason for not telling this list the URL, you're going to have
to provide a LOT of information, as well as tcpdumps of sessions,

I can tell you one thing ... it's not possible for your web server
to cause anyone's computer to reboot.  If this is really happening,
then the coputer that's rebooting is so broken that it would be
pretty silly to blame the problem on your web site.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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