I tried setting "PNP OS" to both "YES" and "NO." Neither made any sort of difference.

As for your suggestion on the web site: That seemed pretty likely to me, but disabling ACPI and APIC didn't make any difference either.

Thanks for the ideas though.

-- Jeremy

On 31-May-08, at 23:20, Jos Chrispijn wrote:


Perhaps this link could give you the solution to your problem:


Jeremy Karlson wrote:

I'm in the process of moving a Subversion server from a 5-STABLE machine to a freshly installed 7-STABLE machine. I've moved the network card (a Linksys EG1032v3, RTL8169S/8110S/8211B based) from the old machine (where it worked before) to this new machine. Now, I get:

re0: watchdog timeout
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