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> On May 31, 2008, at 6:34 PM, Derek Ragona wrote:
>> At 04:12 PM 5/31/2008, Kurt Buff wrote:
>>> All,
>>> I'm looking to replace my current printer - a Dell 1700n - because I
>>> can't make it work with FreeBSD/Linux.
>>> To replace it, I'd like to get a duplex printer, as I really hate to
>>> waste paper. Does anyone have good experience with one that isn't
>>> terribly expensive (expensive to me means more than US$500) and that
>>> works with with FreeBSD? Even better if it has Ethernet.
>>> I'm only finding (on ostg.pricegrabber.com) the Lexmark Optra T622DN
>>> and T522DN, but don't know much about them.
>>> Anyone care to share?
>>> Kurt
>> My 2 cents is I'd looks for a printer with a built-in network interface
>> and that has postscript and pcl emulations.  In addition look at the
>> replacement toner cost and figure out the cost of ownership across 3-5
>> years.
>> I would look at lexmark, and samsung.  Lexmark have higher duty cycles
>> (pages per month) and take larger toner cartidges.  The samsung's make nice
>> work group low duty cycle printers.
> Lexmark and Dell are infamous for expensive toner-lock-ins.
> We had this discussion months ago where I recommended a Brother HL-5250DN. I
> have about 12,000 trouble free pages on mine, just don't bother trying to
> print envelopes.
> Has ethernet, duplex, postscript emulation, PCL-6, just about everything but
> a paper tray large enough to hold a full ream. Multiple paper trays are an
> available but expensive and rare option.
> Readily available from Staples and other places for $250. Refurbished units
> occasionally appear for $100. The usual 3rd party toner places have refills
> for under $20 that I've found are good for about 6,000 dense pages.
> $187: http://bensbargains.net/deal/66407/
> Staples recently (no longer) had refurbished Brother MFC-8660DN on sale for
> $200. Appears to be the same printer and features plus scanner with paper
> feed, and fax.
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I am staring at the buy.com page now, card in hand.

Thanks - this is the kind of recommendation I needed.

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