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> Hi.
> I'm still struggling with this problem, is there anyone out there that can
> offer me some help please

I have tested your changes on my mpd5 as well.
(a) I assigned as alias IP:

ifconfig xl0 inet alias up

Mine was, but I have used exactly same range as you in the test.

(b) Then I edited mpd.conf by doing s/192.168.33/10.1.10/g
I did not change any firewall rules (though I use IPFilter/IPNAT on
this box). IIUC, your problem is mpd authenticating, yes?
I was able to authenticate without a problem.
Did you also edit your /etc/rc.conf to change the IP associated with
the vpn setup?

Here is the mpd.conf I tested:
        set user foo bar admin
        set user foo1 bar1
        set console self 5005
        set console open
        set web self 5006
        set web open
        load pptp_server

        set ippool add pool1
        create bundle template MYVPN
        set iface enable proxy-arp
        set iface idle 1800
        set iface enable tcpmssfix
        set ipcp yes vjcomp
        set ipcp ranges ippool pool1
        set ipcp dns
        set bundle enable compression
        set ccp yes mppc
        set mppc yes e40
        set mppc yes e128
        set mppc yes stateless
        create link template MYVPN pptp
        set link action bundle MYVPN
        set link enable multilink
        set link yes acfcomp protocomp
        set link no pap chap
        set link enable chap
        set link keep-alive 10 60
        set link mtu 1460
        set pptp self MY_PUBLIC_IP_HERE
        set link enable incoming

Lemme know if this helps....

Best regards,
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