i seem to have managed to get my DSL connection established with ppp, 
finally. the german T-Online how-to page got me up and running with 
that. when i dial in with ppp, i get a PPP prompt, ie. all caps, which i 
presume means that i have a functioning connection.

now i just have to figure out why i cannot browse, but i haven't started 
examining this problem yet, because i noticed something strange:

at some point ping started returning this error:

  ping: sendto: Permission denied

to my knowledge i am not running a firewall like ipfw (nothing related 
to firewalls in rc.conf), i *am* logged in as root, and the above error 
message is even returned when i ping localhost! it does the same for my 
local network card. i suspect something in my ppp fiddling to have done 
this, because it did work properly earlier (much earlier).

does anyone have any ideas not related to firewalls or not being logged 
in as root?



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