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On Sun, Jun 01, 2008 at 11:10:48AM -0500, eculp wrote:
I've not been successful at googling a way to connect freebsd current
amd64 to my iPhone.  Eventually, I would like to be able to sync and
upload to it from an opensource substitute for iTunes, that doesn't
have a version from FreeBSD.

When I connect my iPhone I see:

Jun  1 09:55:00 ed kernel: uhid0: <Apple Inc. iPhone, class 0/0, rev
2.00/0.01, addr 2> on uhub3

in messages and that is it.  No new device or anything that I can find.

Any programs or suggestions that you have to facilitate using the
iPhone will be greatly appreciated. I've been trying to use gtkpod
without success because I can't mount it, I assume.

The pags for libgpod (http://www.gtkpod.org/libgpod.html), on which
gtkpod depends, says:

    "There's also preliminary support for the iPhone and the iPod Touch
     but they must be jailbroken to work."

Whatever that means. :-)

Here we call it "un blocked" which I assume is synonymous with "jailbroken" but I can't seem to get FreeBSD to recognize it as mountable so gtkpod doesn't see it either.

Thanks for your help,


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