Reinhold wrote:
So, upon connection, there was a bandwidth of  64000bps, but upon
closing that session, the b/w is 9600bps.

I see the same things since I started logging the connection.
At the start I see this
mpd5: [B-3] Bundle: Status update: up 1 link, total bandwidth 64000 bps
and at the end its
mpd5: [B-3] Bundle: Status update: up 0 links, total bandwidth 9600 bps

Those speeds mean nothing to you actually. They are used _only_ for multilink load balancing. 64000 is the default that can be changed manually by configuration, but as I have said it is meaningless whan multilink is not used. PPTP protocol has capabilities to make PAC inform PNS side about connection speed, but it is only informational and in no way interfere with real transfer speeds.

This is a bit OT because my original problem got fixed thanks to you, I
still have no idea what fixed it though, hehehe

Logging (probably increased to 'log +phys2 +phys3') and tcpdump on a physical interface should help you if problem will get back again.

Alexander Motin
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