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> > I heard a rumor Microsoft was planning to create a linux version of
> > silverlight, I also heard a rumor that silverlight could
> > overcome flash
> > alltogether. Yeah I have heard the same, I listen to MacBreek
> > Weekly podcast
> > and hear all about it on there :)
> Got to add that to my book of funny rumours :) Show me one true
> cross-platform product from Microsoft that has been updated in sync with
> the Windows versions over the years. If you find that, I guess we have
> an answer; if you don't find one, I guess we have an answer as well ;-)
> Tobias

Don't get me started on keeping up with versions, adobe has ignored us, more 
sites use flash9, ports has adobe marked as restricted and I cant find a ver 
9 alternative to adobe :( Microsoft is worse on supporting their own 
software, a product made for sale commericially *should* work smoother then 
one given for free, but Microsoft doesnt see things like that :p If anyone 
knows a good alternative to flash9 let me know!

Derek A. Graham
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