On Thu, Feb 13, 2003 at 03:28:58PM +0100, Roman Neuhauser wrote:
>     interesting. all I see is backpedalling from dangerously dedicated
>     disks in /stand/sysinstall and elsewhere

        Many IDE drives will not boot if setup in "dangerously dedicated"
mode. So,  for "normal" people who are installing for personal/desktop
use and/or dual boot "home" systems the issue is confusing and often
results in failed installlations on many typical "home" installs.

> , and the article you linked below says
>     "Remember, dedicated mode disks sometimes cannot be booted by the PC
>     architecture."

        This is correct. Particularly for IDE. But the opposite is true
for server class SCSI systems. I have had IDE systems that would not
boot if setup in "dedicated mode". I have had SCSI systems that would 
not boot unless they were setup in "dedicated mode".

> >     In general SCSI disk that only contain FreeBSD should be
> > formated/labled in "dedicated mode" IMHO.
>     what source do you have this information from?

        I have never personally had a SCSI system that *didn't* boot
when setup in "dedicated mode". Dedicated mode is simpler so I prefer it.


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