Maybe I just don't understand something, but anyway, it looks really odd.

I have a machine with 2 Gb RAM with a clean newly-installed 
FREEBSD-7.0-RELEASE. I make two 300-MB mdconfig disks and populate them, and 
when the first one was already full and the second one is only half-full, I get 
a kernel panic "not enough memory". I wonder where did 1,5 Gb go?? Well, I 
tried to reboot and allocate them with -o reserve to prevent the kernel panic, 
but the second one said that enough memory can't be allocated (though top still 
showed 1,5 Gb left). Well, I rebooted and tried to allocate one 1-Gb disk, but 
it also failed. Then I gave up on this and came to my other work, but when I 
loaded some small kernel module, I got a kernel panic!! What, didn't the disk 
allocation have to kinda free up the used memory when it fails?! And then the 
last thing. I reboot and copy a 220-m file from a samba-mounted directory to my 
hard drive (UFS2 with soft-updates). I was very surprised to see that one 
gigabyte of my memory suddenly became used up. I wonder if the soft-updat
 es really don't care about how much memory they use...

A friend of mine told me that such a panic is really a thing to write a 
bugreport on it, but I know about this behaviour for few years already and so I 
guess I just don't know something about the memory allocation system, and, 
kinda, it really works just like that. Should I read something to understand 
why it's just like that or really write a report on some of these things?..

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