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> > I agree completely, it's what got me over to BSD !
> >
> I am a little confused.  I just see a sphere with "horns" on it 
> that reminds 
> me of the BSD daemon's head, only made to look less "demonic".  Is it 
> supposed to be something else?

No, that is what it's supposed to be.

The sex toy issue is that you saw the sphere with horns AFTER you
saw Beastie.  So you had a frame of reference, and naturally assume
it's Beastie's head.

The problem is, think about people who have NEVER seen Beastie before
seeing the sex toy logo for the first time.  Since they have no
frame of reference they can easily assume that it means anything
at all.  Such as the business end of a French tickler, which it
kind of resembles.

When those of us in the know call it a sex toy, we are making
a little inside joke, as we are basically saying the logo design
is terrible because it does not indicate to anyone looking at
it what it is supposed to represent.

The Linux penguin is no different - someone seeing a Penguin
isn't going to know it has to do with an operating system, either.

Many corporate logos also suffer from the same problem.

The difference between the corporate logos and Linux and us, is
that those organizations have the marketing muscle to take their
rediculous logo designs and pound them into the public conciousness
through endless advertising.

See a blue oval?  Most people think "Ford"  Not because a blue
oval has anything to do with cars.  It's because Ford has dumped
trillions of dollars in advertising over the years pounding that
association into the public mind.

The designer of the FreeBSD logo approached it from the usual corporate
arrogance of we can create anything we want, then just pay money
for the association.  The only problem is that the FreeBSD project
has no money to spend to create this association.  As a result the
logo completely fails in it's job.

Arguably, there is also no public association between Beastie and
the FreeBSD operating system either, so in the long run we aren't
any worse off than we were.  (aside from the arrogant setting aside
of 20 some years of BSD Unix history)

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