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> i don't really understand the reason for the changing beastie - who is
> easily the cutest of any os (even better than the excellent puffy of
> openbsd)! 
> we link to freebsd with beastie and there are certainly
> several beasties on http://www.freebsd.org/art.html, but none on
> http://www.freebsd.org/logo.html suggesting that the logo is the logo,
> but beastie is not?
> i always thought the daemon was inextricably linked with the bsds - i
> think it appeared even on the older versions of netbsd and openbsd.

The issue started several years ago when one of the core
developers started agitating for a different graphic.  Apparently
he had been asked too many times for his taste if the FreeBSD
project had something to do with devil worship.  A long drawn
out argument ensued but core being core got their way.  Core
then started claiming Beastie wasn't a logo, he was a mascot
and that it why we needed a logo (despite the fact that Beastie
has been used as a logo for years) As a
peace offering they tried the contest idea.  The submissions
were so crappy they extended the contest deadline.  Finally
they got a submission that they decided was OK and that "won"
the contest.  The FreeBSD community was not allowed to see
the other entrants.  It was your basic star chamber decision.

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