triggerme2ice wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering if anyone would know of a brute force way of installing the
> (newest possible) sun JDK on FreeBSD 5.0 (or any other versions for further
> info)
> Help a freeBSD user in need :teeth:

The latest version in ports is if you need more receent than
that then no idea. If thats ok then
cd /usr/port/java/jdk16
Follow the instructions

Also see
5.x has just been announce as no longer supported by ports though,
although support wont be removed, just not updated and checked as
changes are made.

        You will need a current jdk to compile it though and need to get the
source files manually. To get a jdk to compile it I'd recommend
installing the package from
Although you could install one of the linux-sun-jdk* ports if you
prefer. you can pkg_delete the old jdk once you have the new one installed.

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