On Thu, June 5, 2008 00:24, Jonathan Chen wrote:
> In my personal opinion, the small gain you get is more than
> overwhelmed by the big pain you get from setting CPUTYPE.

Thanks Jonathan. I think I'll reinstall my 7.0 system from scratch and
install the apps from packages rather than build from ports and see if
that solves the problems.

The thing is that the main "serious" use for this box is managing my
digital photos - over 12GB of them - and it is getting increasingly
difficult with the apps I choose to use becoming unreliable.

I've really got to the point where I'm considering switching to Linux as
I've tried Mandriva and all the apps I use that I'm having problems with
on FreeBSD work just fine under Linux.

I don't want to switch - I've been using FreeBSD for ~13 years (since
2.0.5) but since I ditched Windows nearly 2 years ago I need reliability.



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