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> I'm really no security expert.  I don't leave the system up 24/7, and
> I'm on a US DSL connection with a bunch of windows boxes.
> Seems to be a recent phenomena, I've started experiencing disk
> thrashing I can hear across the room.  ps and top report cvslockd has
> been responsible for the thrashing (which usually occurs at a specific
> time of day (~1 am MST)), but now, find is doing the thrashing at boot
> every time (within the last week at least).  Needless to say, I
> haven't changed the system in any way during that week.  On windows,
> I'd just assume this to be normal behavior, but on FreeBSD, it's got
> me worried...
> I presume the security section of the manual has a good into to
> detecting intruders, but first I'm interested if there is a legitimate
> reason for find to be torturing my disk.  I don't run much on my
> system - apache, cvs, portsnap, ssh, that's about it.

That's not really so little.  I would tend to doubt it's a security
issue, but tracking it down is still a good idea.  You should be able
to see what user is running the find, using ps(1), and that might give
a clue to what the purpose is (but probably not; it'll probably turn
out to be root).  Once you've tried that, you could use sockstat(1) to
track down what file the find operation is dumping into.

Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area
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