I am trying to setup a transparent proxy with Squid.

Proxying and caching itself works fine (thanks to the help of
this list!) - my Squid is listening on port 80.

I have got the ipfw kernel module running and seem to be able to
change all kinds of rules via ipfw or from bootup via some
firewall configuration file. As all kinds of manuals advise I do
# ipfw add 200 allow tcp from to any
and still everything works fine. But when I try the next line
# ipfw add 300 fwd tcp from any to any 80
I keep receiving access denied messages from squid.

I found several emails about this problem in Google but no

What can be done now?

Thanks for any ideas,


*        Peter Ulrich Kruppa        *
*          -  Wuppertal -           *
*              Germany              *

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