Justin Archer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi, I have just purchased a new Dell Server, to run with Plesk. I have  
> just moved from an Apple XServe and seeing that OS X derived from  
> FreeBSD, I felt that it was the best choice to start with. My only  
> dilemma is, I am wanting to run the system in 64-bit, with using the  
> Intel Quad 2.5Ghz Xeon, but I am unsure as to which version I should  
> be downloading.
> For plesk, I need to use version 6.1 and had read somewhere that I  
> would use the AMD 64-bit version, can you confirm if this is correct  
> for an Intel processor?

A descriptive subject line generally makes for more responses on mailing

The amd64 spec is the same as the EM64T spec that Intel uses.  Thus the
amd64 version of FreeBSD will work correctly on Intel Xeon CPUs.

The version is called amd64 because AMD published their spec first. (FYI)

Bill Moran
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