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Hi, I have just purchased a new Dell Server, to run with Plesk. I have just moved from an Apple XServe and seeing that OS X derived from FreeBSD, I felt that it was the best choice to start with. My only dilemma is, I am wanting to run the system in 64-bit, with using the Intel Quad 2.5Ghz Xeon, but I am unsure as to which version I should be downloading.

For plesk, I need to use version 6.1 and had read somewhere that I would use the AMD 64-bit version, can you confirm if this is correct for an Intel processor?


Yes, you want amd64 if this is a modern 64-bit Intel CPU. As was pointed out recently when someone asked more or less the same question, the "amd" refers to the architecture, not the chip manufacturer.

I know nothing about plesk, but are you sure you *must* have 6.1? The legacy production release is now at 6.3. I've never built a 64-bit machine, but given the present situation I'd absolutely go with 7.0 for a new install, at least for a 32-bit system.

A note, if I may. I have been on this list for many years and can say without hesitation that you're unlikely to get an answer when your subject line reads "Hi". You may want to repost with a subject line that more accurately describes your question.


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