This is a collection of information to my troubles. I am hoping to find out 
what mailing list is most appropriate before I started posting kernel dump 
backtraces and asking what other details to post. What other details may be 
relevant to gather would also be helpful. Are there safe ways to crash a system 
to gather details without further filesystem corruption?
  My motherboard is about six years old so it has no SATA ports for the drive; 
My old Promise SATA150 TX4 was loaded with four hard drives; it appears to not 
support optical drives so I recently purchased the Promise SATA300 TX2plus to 
have a card giving what I need on this old computer and hopefully an IDE port 
on my next computer (if the board I buy in a year comes with a PCI slot for 
it). I thought Promise cards receive good FreeBSD support and was readily 
available at a local retailer. 
  Upon booting, I get the following 2 errors after a long pause:

acd0: timeout waiting to issue command
acd0: error issuing ATA PACKET command

These errors are looped. The pause occurs just after acd0 and acd1 are 
identified. After a little over a page of errers there are cd2 entries for the 
SATA drive that appear. I was able to `atacontrol detach ata6` yesterday to put 
a hault to that traffic. The system periodically pauses while the errors are 
being generated. Inside X, pauses appeared to come every 8 seconds or so and 
last a second or two. I booted this morning to restore services while I was at 
work and accidentally detached ata5 (with a mounted but not in use partition) 
and started X (which loads the nvidia driver and takes the videocard fan down 
to an idle state). When I got home, the system was sluggish with the pauses 
(seemed to not give the full 8 seconds between I/O freezes). Attempting to 
detach ata6 never returned to a prompt, but the error loop appeared to have 
stopped. Trying to open programs or login to other virtual terminals just lead 
to freezing in the related program or terminal. ctrl + alt + delete left me 
with the gui on F9 and only F1 as a text terminal, but both were crippled 
beyond use before than with the freezing. Pressing power did not begin the 
usual shutdown sequence; ACPI(?) errors followed for each press with a message 
something along the lines of not being ready yet. After many minutes of no 
action, I forced a powerdown.
  Reboots lead to segfaults after I logged in and tried to detach ata6 (which 
appeared to succeed). I should have a crash dump, but do not recall the error; 
it lead me to conclude that file system corruption may be present. I had to 
reboot in single user mode to detach ata6 and run fsck which found errors (as 
usual of almost every time I have had improper shutdowns on FreeBSD machines). 
Booting normal after than and detaching ata6 was followed with another segfault 
so I have unplugged the drive in the meantime.
  The old and new controller cards are listed as the following on bootup:

atapci0:  port 0x9000-0x903f,0x9400-0x940f,0x9800-0x987f mem 
0xe8040000-0xe8040fff,0xe8000000-0xe801ffff irq 22 at device 10.0 on pci2
atapci1:  port 0x9c00-0x9c7f,0xa000-0xa0ff mem 
0xe8041000-0xe8041fff,0xe8020000-0xe803ffff irq 19 at device 11.0 on pci2

  Any suggestions where to go from here to get the system working? Thanks again,
Edward Sutton, III
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