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Current dual-Xeon systems are too expensive, PIII is old (good and
cool) technology, but 1,4Ghz Tualatin price is about the same as 2Ghz
Athlon XP.. which brings me to the dual-Athlon solution. What do you
guys think about Asus A7M266-D and two Athlon XP 2400+ processors?
Noisy. One machine I have is an XP 1800+ with ISO-9660 OEM version of the boxed 5000 RPM fan, and I wish it were quieter. You're going to have more than twice the power usage as I do, so be prepared for some serious cooling requirements. Also be sure to get something like an dual-fan Enermax 430W PS, or something comparible.

The information circulating around 'Net claims that XP and MP are the
same processors and with slight modification XP's will work just fine
as MP's.
To generalize, a CPU maker creates a wafer which should produce all MP chips. However, AMD only tests the SMP portion for each die sold as an MP chip. CPUs sold as XP either haven't had the SMP portion tested, or have failed the SMP tests (but passed everything else). Most XPs will work as MP, apparently, but you're running outside of spec, and if you have problems, it'll be your problem.

You can pick up MP 2000+'s for about the same price as XP 2400+'s. If I wanted to work on SMP code, I'd probably get the real MP's, so I spend my time working on code problems, not going nuts trying to find errors in code when the crash was due to an intermittant hardware glich. YMMV.


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